Importance of upgrading your computer

February 28th, 2014 by cooldude

upgrading your computerThere is no shortage of upgrades available for your PC or laptop. Just as times are changing and new products are being developed, so are new threats coming up. Despite how easy it has become to upgrade your computer, people still tend to avoid doing so.

As a computer user, it is very important for you to understand the importance of upgrading your computer. Vendors now provide the software updates online and have made it extremely convenient for the customer. It isn’t something that can even be a hassle for you.

Upgrading your software and hardware is extremely important for better productivity, security and performance.

It has become very easy for hackers, viruses and malware to take control of your computer. That is one of the reasons why it has become so important for you to upgrade your system. It is better that your computer is as protected against threats as it can be. Hackers and malware just keep finding new ways to infiltrate computers which is why you need to keep upgrading your computer along with it.

New features are constantly being developed and if you fail to upgrade your system you could miss out on all those great new features which just might prove to be useful to you. Upgrading your system can help you to make work more efficient and less time consuming. It can also improve productivity.

Over time, computers tend to pick up bugs which can affect its performance and might even lead to your computer crashing. This in turn affects the productivity of your computer. That’s where the importance of upgrading your system kicks in. It helps your computer to works the way it was meant to.

As there are new upgrades, majority of people usually switch over to it. Consequently even vendor support tends to focus on newer solutions. If you do not routinely upgrade your computer you not only miss out on new products, you also risk better vendor service. At some point support for older systems are withdrawn so it is better to upgrade while you can.

At this day and age, upgrading systems have become very convenient. Most of the time, vendors make the upgrades available online to make things more comfortable for the user. Also, since most of the upgrades are done virtually, they are usually free as well. The user has absolutely nothing to lose by upgrading their computers online.

Laptops vs Desktops

February 8th, 2014 by cooldude

Laptops vs DesktopsLaptops differ from desktops in many different ways. Apart from the basic point about the size and portability there are various other features too which makes them different from each other. Here are some of the differences given below:

• First of all is the power supply. In case of laptops they have rechargeable lithium, nickel metal hydride battery or nickel cadmium. So once you fully charge the battery the laptop can be used without electricity for quite some time. In case of desktops there has to be a constant power supply.
• The overall picture quality of desktops is not that good when compared to laptops. Laptops have LCD and LED screen where the picture quality is superb. But in desktops even if you buy an LED monitor the picture quality will not be the same. Although the size of the screen varies a great deal and desktops will always be superior in this case but if you see the overall quality then laptops would be good.
• Input devices also vary in desktops and laptops. For desktops there has to be a separate keyboard, mouse, CPU and speakers. This is not the case for laptops. They have the keyboard built in the laptop itself and the mouse is in the form of a touch pad. There are in built speakers although there are options for additional speakers.
• Price is another important factor. A laptop is much more expensive than a desktop. If you assemble a desktop then the price will be much lower than the price of a standard laptop. Although there are several companies who do provide laptops at cheap rates but the quality of such laptops are also not superior. If you choose a notebook then the price will come down because the size of a notebook is smaller than that of a laptop.
• The expansion options of desktops are higher than laptops. There are more expansion slots in desktops which allow new hardware to be attached to it. Laptops in comparison have fewer slots. For instance a desktop has six USB ports in which you can attach pendrives, external hard disks, USB camera and many other devices. In laptops there is a maximum of four USB ports. Apart from this desktops are upgradable. You will be able to increase the RAM or any internal part but this option is not available in laptops.
• The durability of a desktop is much higher than the laptop
• And then there’s the maintenance. The parts of a desktop are more easily available than a laptop.

Finding the Right Computer Servicing Centre

January 2nd, 2014 by cooldude

Computer Servicing CentreNowadays computers have become so common that everyone is using them day in and day out. These machines have become like toys for people to play with. They are used and misused by every member of the family. Some to play games some to do work some just to browse through their facebook wall but they use it nevertheless. This makes the device obviously susceptible to damage. This may be due to overuse or it may just be a normal hardware problem it can also be a virus attack which has infected your computer through online websites or other devices plugged into your computer. They may cause problems like complete stoppage of the working or freezing a number of times or some files may automatically get deleted, or other devices may not be read by the computer. If these problems occur then it means that your computer is undergoing a lot of issues which is why you may have to take it to a computer servicing centre. However with the increase in number of computers there is an increase in the number of service centres too. You just have to go out there and figure out which one suits you the best.

Factors to be taken under consideration before selecting your centre would be:

Reputation and credibility: this is th main factor which should be given proper thought too. With the increasing number crime there are computer shops which may take your device as a spoilt piece repair it but tamper with some internal parts which may cause problems again later on. This makes the customer go to their shop again giving them profits unknowingly that it is them who are actually responsible for further damage.

Cost and time: should also be considered according to your budget and days in which you need your device back.

Planning to get a hair straightener?

December 3rd, 2013 by cooldude

hair straightenerStraight is stylish today and hence very pretty damsel out there has her hopes pinned on hair straighteners for the desired all-glam smooth flattened tresses. The frizzy locks are really annoying given their beyond-control ways which becomes a sheer nuisance when you are planning a very gaudy hairdo. Thus comes the hair straightener. Now, you of course have the salons to smoothen up your flowing cascade but given the pricey parlor rates it’s always smarter to have your own straightener. Are you too planning a hair straightener off late? Well, the post below suggests some tips to mind while you go out to buy the right hair straightener for you.

Internationally acclaimed brand

First of all, you must be conscious about the brand when it comes to hair care gadgets. It’s advised to trust on internationally acclaimed brands only – take a market survey on 4-5 potential names and follow their user reviews and expert ratings. Your chosen one should be backed by happy testimonials and rave expert reviews.

The Ceramic option

In regards to the iron material, it’s best to settle with ceramic hot options. These ceramic hair straighteners involve infrared heat & negative ions that ensure an easy touch on the tresses.

Consider hair texture & size

Besides, you have to consider your hair texture and hair size while you are setting out for the hair straightener. For those with coarse thick hair, get hair temperatures with high temperature 350-400 degrees). But if you have a finer hair, use straighteners with 300 degree of temperature. Again, those with shorter hair should get small, thin straighteners. If you prefer a long hair, you have to count on large wide straighteners.

In-built comb

You must get a hair straightener with a built-in comb that can settle down the unruly bangs post smoothening.

Finding the right Internet service provider

November 28th, 2013 by cooldude

Internet service providerThe widespread acceleration of internet has elevated it into a household name today. The internet facility opens up a whole new world of communication and information that are going to bring in a novel touch to your mundane life. Thus, every smart computer user today signs up with an internet plan. Are you too looking for a good internet service provider? Well, the article here jots down certain tips that will help you in finding the right internet service provider for you.

First of all, you should start off with a market survey between 5-6 internet service providers around. Study the company websites as well as the customer testimonials to gather a thorough understanding on the service approach of the firm. The one you will go for should be backed by a solid market reputation as we as a long list of happy customers. It’s suggested that you opt for a local nearby company. Technical issues are common here and only a localized company would be able to offer you the needed prompt attention.

Then, try to find out an internet service provider who is equipped with diverse suit of service plans. Different people have different internet needs and hence they have to choose plans accordingly. For example if you work from home you might need an unlimited plan whereas a 1-2GB plan would suffice if the internet is for casual use.
Besides, you should consider the speed of the internet plan. It’s especially necessary if you are using the internet regularly and also for professional reasons.

Moreover, you have to check out the technical support assured from the company. Your internet service provider should promise you a strong and skilled technical support promptly on demand. Finally, make sure that the internet service provider comes up with an affordable and transparent service fee.

The Best Online Computer Game: Counter Strike!!

November 11th, 2013 by cooldude

Counter StrikeOnline computer games make the best use of internet to provide you with the most thrilling experiences of various games. You need to log onto a specific website and play the game online. If the game that you want to play has too many graphic pictures then you have to use stand- alone packages of software. Players can play against each other on the internet. E-mail computer games have become very popular. Some of the most popular games that are listed as follows: Counter Strike, Quake, Half-life and Lineage. Internet games have been found interesting by many users.

Amongst all of the above Counter-Strike is the best multi-player game with broad band connection that has also become very popular these days. This game is divided into different groups like the terrorist forces and the counter terrorist forces. Some maps are used to locate the different places, locations and objects which help the terrorist and the counter terrorist forces to escape, rescue or diffuse bombs. Weapons and arms are the main instruments in the game. The player has to buy the equipments like night vision, pistols, guns, hand grenades and others. For all the above purchases you will be allotted some money in your account. Money management is an important part of the game. Hence purchase of the right equipment at the right time will take the player towards the top of the game.

There are two teams. A server is created which has to be joined by both the players to play the game. The Counter terrorists try to destroy all the terrorists or fulfill all the objectives as given in the map while the terrorist tries to eliminate all the counter terrorists. Different maps have different challenges. Death of a player means that he will not be allowed to play until the entire round ends. At the end the player can enter in the spectator mode to judge the remaining actions on the map.

Best Interactive Games For Children

October 24th, 2013 by cooldude

Interactive Games For ChildrenToys and games are an essential part for the development of your kid’s skill and ability. It is very important for you to understand the tastes and preferences of your child and choose the best game for them. Many a times it happens that you tend to choose games according to your choices which results in a sheer loss of money as your choice doesn’t usually match with the next generation. Interactive games can be of many types. A television quiz show can be considered to be a passive game from where though your child can gain some knowledge but that usually is not retained by them in their mind. If they actively participate in a game, the effect will be long-lasting. The interaction of the child need not be only with their friends. You can also be a part of the game and help them develop their mind. You can ask them to judge the color of your home wall. Their answer will tell you their power to judge between good and bad.

Though watching the television is a passive activity, some interaction can be involved in it by asking him to answer the questions that are within his knowledge.

Another way of making your child participate in interactive games is by getting him the right game of their choice from the store. The games should have buttons from which they need to choose to give the correct answer. The decision making ability will be enhanced through this game and beside this if the answer is correct the kid with automatically start enjoying the game. As the kid will be encouraged to play more after he delivers the correct answer, he should also not get discouraged to give a wrong answer. You should be there to motivate him from time to time so that they don’t get bored. With the wrong answer, the sense of acceptance will grow in the child which is very important to lead a successful life.

Useful Gadgets That Can Be Used By Delivery Drivers

October 12th, 2013 by cooldude

Bluetooth HeadsetDelivery drivers are perhaps the most hardworking people who take their work very seriously. Most of them stay away from their homes, relatives and friends for extended periods of time. Delivery drivers have to offer their services for many hours and have to spend most of their times in their lorries. They also have to deal with heavy loads and pass through roads that are hazardous. Fortunately, the recent technological advancements have allowed experts to design gadgets that might help enhance the dull lives of these delivery drivers. This article will list down a few gadgets that these lorry drivers can make use of quite conveniently.

Bluetooth Headset:

The delivery drivers have to communicate necessary information to the company they work for. They even have to receive messages and details of delivery from their co-workers or managers. Using mobile phones directly can turn out to be dangerous while driving. Thus they can use Bluetooth headset as it is safe, reliable and inexpensive.

Electronic Inverter:

Most of the drivers spend the night in their lorries only. Therefore it is advised that they buy electronic inverter so that the electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc can be charged as and when required.

Dual Band Wireless:

This gadget will be very handy when the drivers will reach a location where the mobile phone reception is not good.

Compact Cooler:

The cooler can be used to store cool drinks so that the drivers can enjoy them whenever they feel thirsty and get refreshed. Most of the drivers store beer in these compact coolers.

GPS Navigation Devices:

These can be really helpful for the drivers if they are traveling to some unknown location to make a delivery.

LED Television:

To provide entertainment to the bored delivery drivers, LED televisions can be installed in the lorries.

Importance of internet in business

October 12th, 2013 by cooldude

internet in businessInternet has become a part of our daily lives. Without internet we feel like we have one limb missing. We feel handicapped. If this is the case for domestic internet needs imagine the need of internet in big business firms. Internet is needed in every sphere of business. The business uses internet for various functions. Some large companies have their own online portal or online website through which they carry out their marketing work. This way a lot of labour cost and time is saved as it is done online. The internet for some businesses acts a great medium of research and thus development.

Without the internet they would have no idea how to modify their product to make it better and more in demand. The most important business communications happen through the internet. One client sitting in New York and the other sitting in Brazil can interact through skype calls possible only through the internet. The internet helps businesses to reach out to their clients without delay, carrying out financial transactions, contracting and ordering from suppliers and speedy communications.

Internet can be used depending on the kind of business you’re working at. If you have a small business of supply then you can do with a fairly good download speed, download limit can be fixed as much internet is used at working hours for business purposes. The only need for the internet would be sending of tenders and important e-mails. All this can be done with the above given specifications.
If you have a large business then obviously internet usage will be large too. Such a internet package should be selected which has an unlimited download capacity and a brilliant download speed. Big businesses usually have a lot of data to share with their branches which are usually spread all over the globe.

Features Of A Good Bluetooth Headset

August 22nd, 2013 by cooldude

Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Headset featuresBluetooth headsets have become very famous because there are no wires that are attached to the headset. These headsets will allow you to be connected with your mobile phone or computer conveniently. There are many advantages that a Bluetooth headset has to offer. But to enjoy the benefits you have to buy a good Bluetooth headset. Here are some features you must look for in a Bluetooth headset.

Battery Life: Bluetooth headsets work on batteries which are rechargeable. The talk time hours provided by the headset should be reasonable and the charge of the battery must last for about at least ten hours.

Sound Quality: Ensure that the Bluetooth headset you buy has a good sound quality. Check whether the transmission of your voice to the receiver and the receiver’s voice to you is fine or not.

Noise Cancellation: In order to make sure that the noise in your surrounding area does not interfere in various sound transmissions, buy a Bluetooth headset that has at least 2 to 3 microphones.

Comfort: Try out different Bluetooth headsets to ensure that you only buy the one that fits you properly and is comfortable.

Sufficient Controls: The buttons to control the Bluetooth headset should be placed at convenient position so that you can control the headset without any confusion and difficulty.

Range: Buy a Bluetooth headset that has a range of at least thirty-five feet.

USB Charging: Chargers for Bluetooth headsets are not easily available. So if there is a facility for USB charging then only you should buy the Bluetooth headset.

Sound Type: Most of the headsets have mono sound generally. But many of us might want stereo sound. If that is the case for you then go for the Bluetooth headsets which have dual earphones.

Bluetooth headsets are perfect since they reduce tension on the muscles, shoulder, upper back and neck.